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The number of systems available via the iViews portal has led to the importance of quickly revoking access when such access is no longer appropriate. As an individuals status changes within the Payroll Personnel System (PPS), the status of their associated UCR NetID will also change as follows;

  1. Employee and Faculty Separation within PPS. When an employee separates from the university, his / her UCR NetID will be automatically disabled the following business day. Thus, when the user attempts to login to the portal, he or she will be denied access.
  2. Students No Longer Enrolled or Involuntary Termination of Employees. When students are no-longer enrolled at UCR, or when employees are terminated and removed from PPS, they are automatically removed from UCR's Enterprise Directory and access to authenticated electronic communications resources ends.
  3. Access to E-mail. Employees and non Academic Senate Faculty who leave the university in good standing are allowed to access their e-mail for 30 days after their separation date. Faculty who leave the university in good standing are allowed to access their e-mail for 90 days after their separation date, and Faculty Emeritus are provided life time e-mail. Such former employees will access their mail by visiting or by accessing their mail via Eudora or Outlook. Please note that Students’ access to email will remain active indefinitely after graduation, or one year after enrollment is otherwise ended.
  4. Enterprise Access Control System. Employees who separate from the university will not have their EACS profiles altered. Many employees who leave the university (e.g. via retirement) return on a limited, casual basis. Such former employees may have their UCR NetID re-activated as an Affiliate. Once the UCR NetID is made active as an Affiliate, the former employee may once again use the portal and the applications he or she has been authorized to use via EACS. Request for establishment of Affiliates may be sent to Azra Ayers at Computing and Communications ( For more information regarding UCR NetID's for affiliates please visit;

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