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Use the Allow List (i.e. Safe Senders and Recipients List) to create a list of senders who are protected from any antispam scanning or Junk Mail filters. Messages from senders on your Allow List are always sent to your Inbox.

Add Emails to the Safe Senders List
Step 1
Within Exchange, click on the Options tab and select 'See All Options...'
Step 2
In the Options menu, click on 'Block or Allow' 

Step 3
Under the Junk E-Mail Settings, make sure "Automaically filter junk e-mail" is selected.

Navigate to your Safe Senders and Recipents list. To make sure emails arrive from specific addresses, add the email address in the box "Enter a sender or domain here". 

Click the green add button to add to the list.

Examples of valid Allow List entries:

  • Specifically adds the user allan from to your Allow List.
  • Adds any address at to your Allow List.
  • @* Adds any address at any host within the domain to your Allow List.

Optionally, you may check the "Trust e-amil from my contacts".

step 3

Step 4
To remove senders from your Block List, highlight the senders e-mail address or domain name and click Remove.

Result: That sender disappears from your Block List and is now treated as regular mail.

step 4
Step 5

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