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Will Graylisting Delay E-mail Delivery?

In general, graylisting will not slow down the delivery of e-mail at all. Only the initial e-mail from an unrecognized sender will be delayed by the graylisting system, typically for a period of less than 1 hour. After this initial e-mail is passed to you, further messages from that recipient will be passed automatically by the graylisting system without delay. Mail sent on campus by UCR users using the campus e-mail system will be passed automatically by the graylisting system and thus not subject to delay.

The records of senders maintained by the graylisting system do expire after a certain period of time. If you receive e-mail from a particular sender less frequently than once a month, these e-mails may be repeatedly subject to delay by the graylisting system. If you receive time-critical e-mails from certain sources at this level of infrequency, please contact Phyllis Franco (, Manager, Computer Support Group.

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