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AP Recruit System training is REQUIRED for all search committee members, approvers, and staff members using AP Recruit. See Gaining Access for more information or contact your organization’s AP Recruit Subject Matter Expert (SME).

Log In to the Training Site for UCR AP Recruit.

After you have completed training, please log in to the Production Site for UCR AP Recruit.

Using AP Recruit

A Video Tour of AP Recruit (13-14AY)

Video Training

Attention Windows Users: Some of our more recent videos don’t display in Firefox or IE. If you’re having trouble viewing the videos, please use Chrome.
  • Overview of Recruit (mp4 file, 4min, 11sec): An overview of the Recruit interface for administrators and faculty. Tour the top nav menus, explore the recruitments page.
  • Readying the Search Plan (mp4 file, 4min, 53sec): This short video for Analysts gives an overview of the Search Info fields that correspond to the Search Plan. Learn to complete the fields in order to submit the Search Plan for review/approval so you can get your recruitment off the ground and running.
  • Generating a Search Plan and Submitting it for Approval (mp4 file, 3min): This video shows analysts how to download a search plan pdf, specify people in the workflow, check for approver comments, and notify approvers of changes.
  • Publishing a Recruitment (mp4 file, 1min, 7): Your Search Plan has been approved. Now it’s time to publish your masterpiece to the world. This short video shows how to publish a recruitment.
  • Shortlist Reports (mp4 file, 3min,53): This video shows analysts how to create Shortlist Reports and submit them for approval.
  •  Reviewing Applicants (mp4 file, 5min,7): Committee reviewers learn how to use Recruit’s tools to evaluate applicants.
  • Creating a new Recruitment (mp4 file, 7min): This video shows new analysts how to create a Basic recruitment and configure it for online.
  • Meets Basic Qualifications Training for UCI Analysts (mp4 file, 4min,41): Check out this video/audio screencast to see how analysts mark applicants as Qualified or Unqualified in Recruit.
    • MBQ Handout: This is a two-page handout to accompany the MBQ screencast (.pptx).

AP Recruit Functionality Map (13-14AY)

We have mapped out the analyst, admin, search committee faculty, applicant and reference functionality in UC Recruit. This is useful as training material or just to refresh yourself on the various features and functions in UC Recruit. We will be updating this as we add major new features and screens.

Click here for a PDF version of the Functionality Map

AP Recruit Roles

The role you are assigned in AP Recruit determines the tasks you can perform and the screens you can see.

  • Recruit Administrators are the primary supporters for end-users and they will manage role assignments. Committee Chairs, Editors, and reviewers are assigned their roles on a recruitment-by-recruitment basis by the Department Analyst. Recruit Administrators are the primary supporters for all other users and have the most Admin tool access and all the access rights of the roles listed below.
  • Approvers (new 14-15AY) have access to review and approve Search/Recruitment Plan, Shortlist Report and Search/Recruitment.
  • Department Analysts (no reports)create the recruitments for their departments. They build search committees, view and manage all applicant files, short-list the candidates and create reports that are specific to their role.
  • School/College Analysts have the same access rights as the Department Analyst but on the School/College level.
  • Committee Chairs have slightly more access rights than Committee Reviewers, but not as much as an Analyst. Chairs can review non-finalized applicants and may manage applicant files (though this is generally left to the Analyst).
  • Committee Editors have the same access rights as Chairs. Editors generally assist the Department Analyst in managing the applications. At UCR this role might be fulfilled by the Chair's Assistant.
  • Search Committee Reviewers have viewing rights to finalized applications and may comment on the files and flag applicants.
  • Equity Advisors (college/school/unit) have access to view an application for a given recruitment, department, college or school and can manage (create & view) diversity reports for a given department, college or school.
  • Central AP Analysts have access to download a CSV of applicant pool and gender/ethnicity data.
  • Diversity Analysts (OFSAA) have access to view an application for a given recruitment, department, college or school. They can also manage (create & view) diversity reports for a given department, college or school and can download a CSV of all diversity survey responses.

For a list of commonly used tasks and AP Recruit roles, click on this link:

Operating Systems & Browsers

AP Recruit supports the latest browsers for all modern operating systems. We recommend that users stay as up-to-date as possible, not just to ensure compatibility with UC Recruit, but maintain a secure computing environment.

  • Operating systems: Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8) and Apple Mac OS X 10.6+ (Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion)
  • Browsers: •Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox 10+(recommend 14.0+)
  • Apple Safari 4+(recommend 5.0+)
  • Internet Explorer 7+ (recommend 9.0+)

AP Recruit has also been reported to work nicely on the Apple iPad using the Safari browser.

AP Recruit User Guides

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Gaining Access

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