University of California, Riverside

Central Authentication Service



One of the most important secrets you should keep at UCR is the password portion of your UCR NetID. The campus has moved to a single sign-on environment that will allow you to access virtually all campus computer services with this Net ID.

In the past, applications asked you separately for your UCR Net ID. Thanks to CAS (Central Authentication Services), you can login once per browser session and be able to access multiple applications as long as you don't exit your browser.

Login Screen

The first time you login to an application, you will be presented with this screen:

CAS login

Enter your Net ID and password and click login and you will be immediately logged into the application you wish to access.


Any CAS webpage will have a URL beginning with By seeing this URL you can be assured you are using a secure website.


To safely log off the CAS webpage, simply exit your web browser.

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Central Authentication Service
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