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What are "clickers"? 

"Clickers" are personal, handheld devices used by students together with response systems deployed in all general assignment classrooms on campus to answer questions during class. 

What does a personal response system do? 

In classrooms, personal response systems are combinations of hardware and software that allow an instructor to query, test, or poll students' opinions or understanding of material being covered in a course, or about related issues or questions. 

How does it work? 

Response systems are infrared or radio frequency systems that collect responses from students. Students use a personal clicker to answer instructors' questions. Responses are sent to receivers that are distributed throughout the rooms. The receivers send the responses to software on the classroom computers that record student responses. 

Do I need to install software myself to make it work? 

No. The software (and hardware) are already installed in all general assignment classrooms. All instructors need to do is start the "Acquisition" software already installed on the classroom computer.

Where do students get this clicker? 

Clickers can be purchased from the Campus Bookstore in the CompUCR department. The price will vary depending on whether a new or used unit is being purchased. Clickers may also be obtained from fellow students who are no longer using their clickers. 

How do I know which student is using which clicker? 

Each clicker is unique and is identified by an individual number. In order to associate a student to a clicker, the student will need to register his or her clicker at the clicker registration database website ( This registration system will allow instructors to download a roster of students along with the associated clicker numbers to use to keep track of responses. 

Where do I get this roster? 

An instructor can get a roster of students and their clicker IDs by going to the "Instructor Login" area of the clicker registration database website (, and logging in using his or her UCR NetID and password. Once logged in, instructors will see an additional link in the left-hand navigation menu labeled "View Course Rosters," where rosters for each course are available for download. Use the drop-down menus to choose the "Term," "Subject," and "Course" to obtain the roster. 

I have the roster, now what? 

An instructor who is going to keep track of how students are responding will need to install some software on his or her personal or office workstation being used to analyze student responses. The software is free and can be obtained from Be sure to download the version of the software appropriate to the operating system. Once installed, instructors will have two new programs called "Acquisition" and "Analyzer." The "Analyzer" program is used to analyze student responses. 

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