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Getting Started

In order for instructors to get started utilizing the Personal Response System for a course, follow these simple steps:

  1. Check to make sure that your classroom is equipped to support clicker use. All general assignment classrooms are currently equipped with the necessary equipment. To confirm that your classroom is a general assignment classroom, please check the Smart Classrooms site. If your classroom is not a general assignment classroom, and you are uncertain about whether you can use clickers, contact Multimedia Services, via email at
  2. To get a clicker account or profile set up in your classroom for your courses, please submit a request using the "Classroom Clicker Account Request form." You can request accounts for up to 3 classes, and Multimedia’s classroom technicians will get your clicker accounts ready for you on the classroom computers before classes start. Please allow 24 hours.
  3. Contact the Multimedia team via email at to schedule an appointment to familiarize yourself with the PRS system. This appointment is highly recommended, even for technically savvy faculty, to provide you with the best technological and pedagogical experience using PRS.
  4. Contact the Bookstore at least 3 weeks in advance and inform them that you intend to use clickers for your course, and the approximate number of students enrolled.
  5. Inform your students via your course syllabus and/or course Blackboard site that they will be required to purchase a clicker from the Bookstore. View sample syllabus statements under "Teacher Resources."
  6. Provide your students with the address for the clicker registration site, in your syllabus and/or on Blackboard: Inform them that they must register their clicker on this site in order to receive credit for using their clicker in class. A link to this student registration site can be placed in the left side navigation menu of your course site in iLearn.
  7. Download the PRS software from the H-ITT website onto your personal or office computer. This download includes both the Acquisition and Analyzer software, and will allow you to familiarize yourself with the Acquisition software installed in the classroom, as well as allowing you to analyze via the Analyzer the results of questions submitted to your students in class. (Note: If you create PowerPoint presentations to be used within the H-ITT software, or create questions within the Acquisition software, these will need to be transferred to the classroom computer, which is wired to the PRS receiver. Computing & Communications does not currently support using faculty laptops for acquiring the initial PRS data.)
  8. Learn How to Conduct a Clicker Session in the Classroom

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