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Taking Attendance

You can gauge attendance using clickers while reviewing data sets for participation credit, but it is not recommended that you use clickers for attendance outright - only as a secondary purpose. While attendance-taking is an added benefit of using clickers, it is not the most effective way to use them. For ideas about using clickers, view the Knowledge Base topic called Instructional Strategies.

You can adjust the "Settings" in the Analyzer software on the "Student Points" tab to display "Sessions attended" and "Sessions missed" columns.

Taking Attendance

1. Click on "Settings" in the black bar in the middle of the screen

2. Enable the "Sessions attended" and "Sessions missed" columns

3. Click "Ok" to apply the changes

You will now see the new "Sessions Attended" and "Sessions Absent" columns on the "Student Points" tab appear in the Analyzer software:

Sessions Attended


















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