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Downloading a Roster

In order to identify students from your data sets in the Analyzer software so they can receive credit for participation using clickers, you must download a roster for your course to associate with data sets in the Analyzer software.  

You can access rosters for lecture or discussion sections, etc. when you log in to the clicker database website where students register their clickers:

Clicker Registration Database website login

Individuals only receive access to rosters belonging to courses for which they're designated as being the official “instructor on record” by their departments in the system. Instructors can request TA access to course rosters if TAs will be helping to grade clicker participation.

Steps to Download a Roster

Download Roster Drop-Down Menus

1. Once logged in to the clicker database website, select "View Course Rosters" from the left-hand navigation menu.

2. Use the drop-down menu under "Term" to identify the academic quarter for which you're attempting to access a roster.

3. The "Course" drop-down menu will populate based on the term selection.

4. Choose the section in the "Course" drop-down menu for which you're trying to retrieve a roster.

5. Once the roster is available, a link will appear that says "Click here to download course roster." Click the link to open or download the roster in .csv format.

*Note: If you'll be downloading multiple rosters, be sure that between selections, you give the system time to cycle through before engaging the link that says "Click here to download course roster." If you don't give the system enough time to "refresh" based on your new selection, you may inadvertently be downloading the same roster again as you did previously.

For information about associating rosters with data sets through the Analyzer software, see the Clickers Knowledge Base topic called Loading a Roster.

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