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Error Messages - Loading a Roster (Duplicate Clicker IDs)

Two students with the same clicker ID number will cause a problem with loading the roster, which may result in error messages similar to the one pictured below:

Error Messages

Even though the error messages may suggest that duplicate clicker IDs are the problem, this may not be the case. In some instances, you might see error messages like these if you choose a format for the roster that is not compatible with your operating system.

When you load the roster, you should be trying one of two formats from the dialogue, the first being the last one on the list, and the second being the one above “Blackboard Quiz Output,” if the first one doesn’t work:

Roster Formats

If you try both formats and the error messages persist, then you may truly have an issue with duplicate clicker IDs on your roster. For help resolving this issue, contact the Helpdesk at

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