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Loading a PPT or Other Materials into Acquisition

There are some pros and cons to opening a PowerPoint slide deck or other course content into Acquisition. For those who are teaching in a classroom with only one screen, it may prevent a lot of back-and-forth effort to navigate between display of the Acquisition software to collect responses and the presentation materials themselves. Keep in mind that the display of presentation materials through Acquisition can take up valuable real estate that students use to be able to identify that responses from their clicker IDs have been recorded by the system. Once "slides" are opened into Acquisition, click and drag the vertical or horizontal bar to resize the presentation window so that students can adequately see the clicker ID tiles when the timer starts. You can hide the tile screen again once you have moved on from display of a question and its results.

*Note: the Mac version of the H-ITT software does not import the same file formats of presentation materials as the PC version (see #2 below). Plan to use the PC version for uploading slides into Acquisition, since all classroom computers are PCs, which are connected to the receivers in each classroom.

One drawback to integration of slides into Acquisition is that any external link will take you out of Acquisition, making it difficult to get back to where you were in your lecture. In some cases, you must "Open the Slides File" again. A workaround is to open up links to external sites or resources separately in your browser before the lecture, and navigate back and forth between Acquisition and your browser at those points during lecture.

One benefit to integration of slides into Acquisition is that when the timer counts down, a screen shot is captured of the Acquisition interface that is saved into the "Question Analysis" component of your data sets. This provides easy access in the Analyzer grading software to review slides containing actual questions asked at a given time.

How to Load a PowerPoint or Other Materials Into Acquisition:

1) Go to "Slides" --> "Open Slides File:"

open slide files

2) Navigate to the file you want to open. Make sure the format is set to PowerPoint, or other file format, and click “Open:”

Navigate to the file you want to open. Make sure the format is set to PowerPoint, and click “Open:”

3) Click to confirm you want to “Open" the file:


4) Adjust the window location and orientation to your preference: 


5) Make sure the range of possible responses under "Question Types" in the Acquisition settings accurately reflects the options for your question:




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