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Registering Clickers

Clicker registration allows instructors to identify students by their clicker IDs so they can receive proper credit. Failure to register a clicker may result in lost credit for participation using clickers in a course.

If you're a student trying to register a clicker or reserve a clicker through the Clicker Checkout Program, please visit the Clicker Registration Database website at

Students who are required to use clickers must re-register their clicker each quarter at the Clicker Registration Database website, where each student must log in using their NetID and password to register or reserve a clicker.

The registration process needs to occur every quarter because the database is wiped between quarters to allow circulating clickers to be registered to new users. This quarterly registration process is required even if a student is the original owner and the only user.

Here are Instructions for Students to Register Clickers.

For additional information and resources, please visit: Student FAQ’s at the clickers website.

Instructors who use "instructor clickers" to identify correct responses in their data sets do not need to register clickers. For more information about "instructor clickers," see the Knowledge Base Topic called "Adding an Instructor Clicker ID."

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