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Sharing Results with Students

Getting clicker scores over from the Analyzer software to the iLearn Grade Center is not automated. This is a manual process. For instructions on this process, refer to "Getting Clicker Grades from Analyzer into iLearn."

But if you just want students to be able see how they’re doing, then it's recommended that you navigate to the “Student Points” tab in the Analyzer software, and export "Student Points" tab to a spreadsheet file (see image below) for posting into iLearn.

You *must* remove the columns containing names and student ID’s (before or after exporting the spreadsheet) before you upload the spreadsheet to iLearn. Name the spreadsheet with the date, so students know how current the scores are. That way, students can look at the spreadsheet to see their scores, which they would identify by their clicker numbers, and you can wait until closer to the end of the quarter to get the scores into the Grade Center.

 Sharing Results With Students

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