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Unidentified Clicker IDs

You may notice that the "Roster" tab in the Analyzer software displays some student names with no clicker IDs, and clicker IDs that are unassociated with student names.

This is a typical indication that some of your students have not successfully registered their clickers.

The unassociated clicker IDs will likely belong to the students with no clicker ID listed:

Unidentified Clicker IDs

Once 1) students register their clickers at the clicker database website, and once 2) you download and associate a current version of the roster with Analyzer from this same clicker database website reflecting new clicker registration information, the credit for responses students submitted using their previously unassociated clickers will become theirs.

You will need to periodically associate the most current version of the roster for your course with the Analyzer software as students continue to register their clickers, and especially before you submit final grades, to ensure that students receive the proper credit.

You may want to provide "Instructions for Students to Register Clickers" as a resource for students who may be having difficulty.

For instructions on how to remove an old version of the roster from the Analyzer software, and to load a current version of the roster into the Analyzer software, see the Clickers Knowledge Base topic on Loading a Roster.







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