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The University of California requires its faculty to submit an annual report indicating whether or not they have engaged in outside activities during the fiscal year. Those faculty that have engaged in this type of activity are asked to provide information to the University about the activity and any related compensation.

Easy to Use System for Reporting

UC Riverside's Conflict of Commitment (COC) system provides an easy to use, online system for reporting this information on an annual basis. Faculty at UC Riverside can log on to COC and enter all pertinent information relating to outside activities, which is then electronically routed to the appropriate administrative personnel.

Proper Approval and Disclosure

Outside professional activity may raise the appearance, or the reality, of a conflict of commitment to the faculty members' University obligations. The prior approval for and disclosure of outside professional activities ensures the proper oversight of these activities in context of the faculty members' defined University responsibilities.

Applying the APM-025 Policy

The APM-025 policy affirms faculty responsibilities as members of the University of California and provides mechanisms to ensure that activities outside the University do not interfere with fulfillment of these responsibilities. The policy specifies limits on the time that can be devoted by faculty members to certain types of compensated and non-compensated outside professional activities.

APM-025 applies only to Academic Senate members (full-time or part time). However, it does not apply to emeritus faculty members unless they are on recall status. In addition, it applies to all academic or other administrators who hold academic appointments in a faculty title series regardless of the current percentage of time related to the academic appointment.

Key provisions of the policy are the requirements that faculty must:

  1. Obtain approval before engaging in certain specified types of compensated activities ("Category I" activities, as defined in APM-025)
  2. Submit reports documenting the Category I and/or Category II compensated and uncompensated activities in which they engaged for the Fiscal Year ending June 30 annually.

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