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ReadyTalk Overview

  • What is ReadyTalk?
    ReadyTalk creates audio and web conferencing services that help companies sell, educate, work together and communicate when people are in different places. Our service lets you run web seminars, host online meetings, make conference calls and record podcasts.
  • What can I do with ReadyTalk?
    ReadyTalk lets you hold conferences where participants meet on the phone and watch visuals online. You can show slide presentations, give demos and work with people collaboratively with any file or program on your computer. You can also record and podcast your conferences.
  • What are ReadyTalk’s audio conferencing features?
    ReadyTalk’s audio conferencing features let you do everything from mute participants to record conferences—right from your phone or your computer.
  • What are ReadyTalk’s web conferencing features?
    With ReadyTalk Web Conferencing, you get access to a powerful set of pre-meeting, in-meeting and post-meeting features for one affordable price. Learn more about our web conferencing features.
  • What online event services does ReadyTalk offer?
    ReadyTalk experts are available to help make the most of your investment before, during and after your event. Services are available on an hourly basis or as part of a ReadyTalk Web Event Package. Learn more about Event Services.
  • How do I purchase ReadyTalk?
    ReadyTalk offers pay-per-minute and flat monthly rate plans. Visit ReadyTalk’s pricing page for more details.
  • Is there a free trial for ReadyTalk?
    Yes, we have a free trial. Please visit ReadyTalk’s free trial page to sign up for a 30-day free web subscription.
  • How can I use ReadyTalk in my business?
    Training sessions, marketing web seminars, sales demos, work sessions; whatever your requirements, ReadyTalk will help your business succeed.
  • How do participants listen to a ReadyTalk meeting?
    ReadyTalk’s audio conferencing is conducted over the telephone. Be sure ask participants to dial in about 5 minutes prior to scheduled start time using the dial-in number you provide.

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Getting Started

  • How do I join a meeting?
    To hear the conference, dial the toll-free number and enter the 7-digit access code. To watch the conference, go to and enter the same 7-digit access code in the “Join a Meeting” box.
  • How do I start a meeting?
    As the chairperson, dial your toll-free number and enter your 7-digit access code. When prompted, press the * key and enter your 4-digit chairperson passcode.

    Start your web conference by visiting and entering your 7-digit access code and chairperson passcode in the Chairperson Login boxes. Click the radio button next to the desired meeting title, and then click the green “Open Meeting Controls” button.
  • How do I record a meeting?
    As chairperson, press *2 on your phone to record the conference. The audio system will prompt you to press 1 to confirm the recording request. In approximately 10 seconds, the audio system will tell you and all participants that the conference is being recorded. When finished recording, press *2 again. You can also click the “Record Meeting” button in your web conference controls to record the event.

  • How many attendees can join?
    Up to 96 participants can join your on-demand audio conference simultaneously (support for up to 150 participants per call is available upon request).

    If you need personalized operator services with support for up to 3,600 audio participants, our operators can assist you with setting up an Operator Assisted conference.
  • What equipment do I need to host and conduct a ReadyTalk meeting?
    To conduct a ReadyTalk audio meeting, you only need a telephone. To conduct a ReadyTalk web meeting, you need a computer with Java installed and a high-speed (at least Cable or DSL) internet connection.
  • What operating systems and browsers are supported?
    ReadyTalk supports multiple platforms and operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Linux and Apple Mac OS computers. Visit our support page for the full list.

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Conducting Meetings with ReadyTalk

  • When should participants join my meeting?
    We recommend that participants join several minutes prior to scheduled start time to ensure a timely start.
  • When should I, the Chairperson, start the web meeting?
    Plan to login and dial in at least 10 minutes before the start time of your meeting so you can log in, relax and be ready. Download a web meeting checklist.
  • Can I conduct a meeting using VOIP or a Cellular Telephone?
    Yes, you can use any land-line, VOIP or cellular telephone. A land line will provide the best quality and most reliable connection. Some Skype phones may not send DTMF digits reliably, and some users have reported issues using conference controls and accessing On-Demand conferences. Read more about similar issues (external link).
  • How will my participants be able to ask questions during the meeting?
    Participants can either type questions into the “chat” feature of the web meeting, or the Chairperson may open up lines for live Q&A over the telephone.
  • How do I mute and un-mute the participants’ audio lines?
    The meeting chairperson can mute or unmute participants’ audio lines using the telephone or the web interface.

    To mute or unmute participants from the web, click the “mute all” to Mute all participant lines and click the “unmute all” button to unmute all participants.

    To mute participants from the telephone, press “# - #” to Mute all participant lines and press “9 – 9” to unmute all participant lines.
  • Can I send post-meeting emails after my presentation?
    You can send post-meeting emails to attendees or no-shows by viewing the meeting details in the ReadyTalk Conference Center after the meeting has concluded.      

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