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Q. What is the Capital Programs Management System (CPMS)?

A. The Capital Programs Management System (CPMS) is used to create and process Capital Projects Requests in support of capital planning, design, construction, and maintenance. . These include Requests for Space Assignment, "Light" Alterations, "Complex" Alterations Major Capital Project and Undefined Projects.

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Q. How do I access CPMS?

A. Access to enter and edit records in UCR's CPMS is authorized by the departmental Systems Access Administrator (SAA) using the Enterprise Access Control System (EACS). Once you have been granted access to the system, simply log into the system from the web site with your UCR NetID and password. This will take you to the internal, cassified homepage where you can access all available CPMS

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Q. How do I use CPMS to submit a project through the project intake process?

A. The project intake process sends project requests from the unit to the Architects & Engineers group to review and coordinate your request. CPMS allows you to create a project request and receive approval and prioritization from your unit's organizational approver. After this is complete, the project will be reviewed and assigned to Architects & Engineers to begin work. For more information about the project intake process, please visit

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Q. How can I check the status of my CPMS Request?

A. CPMS allows multiple choice search options (Request Number, Date, Request Type, Requesting Department/Organization, Description and Status). To Search, simply click on the "Search" link on the CPMS internal, cassified home page left navigation link.

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Q. How will I know when my CPMS Request has been approved?

A. Upon submission of a Request, a unique number will be assigned to the application. Searches can be made using this number to track the Request.

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Q. Why was my CPMS Request returned to me?

A. CPMS Requests may be returned to you at any point during the approval process. Returned Requests will specify the outstanding issue hindering the Request from being processed (these notes will be in the Comments Section). Once the Request has been reviewed, the Request may be resubmitted for approval.

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Q. How do I edit my CPMS Request?

A. To edit a Request, you must be the Requestor, Transactor, or Departmental Approver. CPMS requests are available for editing only when the form is in your queue. To edit, click on the "Review Requests in Progress" link and select your Request. There is an "Edit" button on the bottom of the page which will allow you to access and edit your Request.

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