University of California, Riverside

Capital Programs Management System

How to Use the System: For Departments

Step by Step - Create a request as aTransactor or Departmental Approver


  • Step 1: Log in to the R'Space Portal using your UCR NetID and password. Click on Capital Programs Management System under Authorized Applications. DESCRIPTIVE TEXT
  • Step 2: Click "Create a Capital Request".                                    DESCRIPTIVE TEXT
  • Step 3: The Transactor and Departmental Approver can create different types of Requests: Space Assignment, "Light" Alterations, "Complex" Alterations, Major Capital Project and Undefined Projects. DESCRIPTIVE TEXT
  • Step 4: After selecting a request type, the Transactor and Departmental Approver can enter in details such as contact information, description, location of the Request and FAU information. DESCRIPTIVE TEXT


  • Step 5: After filling out all the required information, the Transactor routes the request to the Departmental Approver who will be notified via e-mail.

    The Departmental Approver may approve the request or return it to the Transactor for further processing. Approved requests will be routed to the Organizational Approver.



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