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How to Use the System: For Organizational Approver

Step by Step - Prioritizing requests as the Organizational Approver

The project request process requires projects to be approved and prioritized by the unit's Organizational Approver before it is assigned and completed by Architects & Engineers. When a project request is created, CPMS routes the request for required approvals- if approved, it will then be routed to Architects & Engineers for assignment. 

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  • Step 1: Log in to the R'Space Portal using your UCR NetID and password. Click on Capital Programs Management System under Authorized Applications.  DESCRIPTIVE TEXT
  • Step 2: Click "Review Requests in Progress".                            DESCRIPTIVE TEXT
  • Step 3: The Organizational Approver will see requests ready for review and can take action on the requests in this Work in Progress page. Select a request by clicking on the Request No. link. DESCRIPTIVE TEXT
  • Step 4: Approval of a request requires two actions: Approve the request and provide the request a priority.

    • Review the request and click the Approve link in the upper right corner of the CPMS window. To continue, choose Yes at the prompt.
    • Upon Approval, provide the organization / unit priority for the given request. The request will appear in yellow highlight at the top of the CPMS Priority Ranking window. Click and drag the highlighted request down to the appropriate place in the ranked requests. If there is only one request listed, simply click the Yes button at the bottom of the window.
    • Click Yes at the bottom of the Priority Ranking window to route the request forward.
    • Please note: When a request is closed in CPMS, the Organization priority list is automatically updated.




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