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Capital Programs Management System


Understanding CPMS

UCR’s CPMS has been designed to meet evolving campus business system requirements in support of capital planning, design, construction, and maintenance. The system features the following capabilities:

  • Common Verbiage and Definitions (the CPMS defines each request type and provides examples for the types of projects that should be submitted for review).
  • Common Planning and Approval Processes (all CPMS requests follow a routing and approval process that is defined below on the CPMS process flow diagram).
  • Tightly Integrated, Seamless Service (CPMS is integrated with the Physical Plant Work Order system; please see the Physical Plant Integration Section of this web site).
  • Transparent Project Scope, Timeline, and Funding Sources & Requirements (all CMPS requests include a funding / budget section and are available for review via query tools and reports).

CPMS Integration Process Flow

To view the CPMS Integration Process Flow, please view the image below or view a PDF version here.

Integration Process Flow

CPMS History

Please view the presentation below for information relating to the history of CPMS at UCR and issues relating to the design, development, and deployment of the software.

Launch presentation

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