University of California, Riverside

Communications Work Order System

Entering a Data Work Order

Placing a Data Work Order

Step 1
  • Login to R'Space using your Net ID and password.
  • Click on Communications Work Order under Authorized Applications.
Transactor Options
Step 2
  • Under Transactor Options, click on Service Request.
Individual Services
Step 3
  • Choose the Individual Service option on the left if you:
    • Want to add a data line
    • Disconnect Data Service
Change Action
Step 4
  • Search by an individual's first or last name or both.
  • Select the action next to the individual's name you would like to make the add/disconnect for.
Request Description
Step 5
  • To add a service complete all required fields.
  • Note: employees must have a Net ID before services can be added.
Step 6
  • To add data service for an existing employee, the contact information will prefill for the person you choose. Select the Data Service tab.
  • Choose the appropriate option from the Data Line Details. If you are able to provide the Jack ID, it is most helpful but not required.
  • If you are activating a data line for a device such as a network printer, you must provide the MAC address for the device and the type of device. 
Change Service
Step 7
  • To disconnect data service, select the Disconnect option under the Action column.
  • Please be sure you are disconnecting the correct service (data or voice).
  • Click on save and review when finished.
Submit Request
Step 8
  • When reviewing your service request, you can edit or complete your order by clicking on Edit Order or Submit Request.
  • You will receive a service request confirmation and number. Please save this for your records. You also have the option to convert it to a PDF file and save.
  • You may check teh status of your ticket by logging into R'Space, going to Communications Work Order, and Review Request under the Transactor options.
Submit Request

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