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Communications Services Frequently Asked Questions

Who can submit work orders/ trouble tickets?

Your SAA (System Access Administrator) determines who has access to submit work orders (billable requests). If you have access you will see Communications Work Order System under your Authorized Applications in R'Space. Please contact your SAA with any questions. Anyone with a NETID can subnmit a trouble ticket through RSpace

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How do I know if I need an IP address or Manual Binding?

Most building on campus are DHCP enabled. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) automates the IP assignment process for network devices such as PC’s, servers or printers. As long as these devices are plugged into an active data port, they will always pull an IP address automatically from a pool of IP’s designated for that specific building. (You may have to configure your TCP/IP settings on your PC or laptop). So, there is no need to assign a designated IP address.

However, these IP addresses can change depending on network traffic or other variables. Network devices such as servers and network printers require IP addresses that will always remain the same in order for other devices to connect to them with interruption. For these types of devices we bind and IP address with the unique identifier assigned to the network device, also known as a MAC address (other names used are hardware address or physical address). Once a manual binding has been created in the network the device will always pull the same IP address.

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How do I request an estimate?

Submit a Parts Only Work Order through the Communications Work Order system in R'Space. Please see link below:  Communications Work Order System

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How do I use my phone?

Please use the links below to access phone user manuals:


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How long will it take for my work order to be completed?

The timeframe for completing work orders is 7 to 10 business days. If you have a rush, please indicate the date you need the work completed by and the Communication Services staff will make every effort to accommodate your request.

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What happens to my request after submission? Can it be recalled for modification and be resubmitted?

Once your request has been submitted and you receive a workorder number, your request cannot be recalled for modification or canceled through the Communications Work Order System. If you would like to make changes or cancel your request, please call the Communications staff at (951)-827-3999.

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How do I know my work order request has been submitted? Can I check the status of my work order request?

As soon as your work order request has been submitted, you will receive a work order number that can be tracked using the web-based Communications system. Please visit the Review a Request option under either Work Order or Trouble Ticket to see a listing of your open requests. Click on the request in question to drill into the details of that request. Information will be revealed about your request including status.

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Who do I call to report a problem using the web-based Communications Application?

Please contact the Communications staff at (951)827-3999.

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What are the phone rates?


     Communications Rates

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What do I do if my location does not exist in the system?

“*If the building name does not appear in the building drop down list, select your current building, floor and room from the list. Then in the “Notes” section in your service order enter the actual building name, floor and room number. For example: “Please move extension 12345 to Hinderaker Hall, 3rd floor, room 3144.”

*If the building name exists, but the room number does not appear in the list, choose the closest room number to the one that you need. Then in the “Notes” section in your service order type in the actual building name, floor and room number.

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What do the Service Order Statuses mean?

Status categories are meant to provide a quick update of what status a work order currently in. For a detailed status for a specific work order, please open the work order and view the note section on the main page of each order. For each work order, Communication Services staff will be documenting the work being done as the work order moves through our work flow.

    • Submitted - Has been received by Computing and Communications and it is pending assignment to a workgroup by a Dispatcher. Time in this queue is less than 1 day.
    • Voice Switch - Is in queue in order for a technician to configure one of the following per your request (i.e. add new telephone #, new voicemail box, reset password, change dialing area, configure new phone type, add features to your existing line, connect cables in the Telecom bldg., update database information etc. ). Depending on the number of orders in the queue and the complexity of your request, your order will be in this work area for 1 to 3 days, and either be completed/closed, or assigned to another workgroup to complete.
    • Technician Supervisor - This order has been assigned to this queue because a technician is needed to visit the work site in order to complete the work. Depending of the complexity of the work request, the supervisor may need to visit the work site, evaluate work requested, and order materials. After determining the complexity of the work, this order will be assigned to a specific technician to perform the work. Average time in this queue is less than 1 day. For more complex projects, time in this queue could be 3 to 5 days.
    • Assigned to Technician - Request has been assigned to a “field” technician in order to visit your site and perform the necessary work. (i.e. install a phone, install cabling, connect cables in a building closet, install a new jack, install a wireless AP, a new data switch etc.) Average time in this queue is 3 to 5 days, depending on the complexity of the work request. For major projects, time in this queue will be longer.
      • Network Services - Request has been assigned to Network Services Group for projects that have been determined to need network design, analysis, data switch configuration, or network system changes. Average time in this queue is 1 to 3 days. For more complex issues, time in this queue will be longer.
      • Complete - Work has been completed, customer will be notified. All orders will be reviewed by supervisors for completion, parts and labor added and reviewed and then submitted for billing.
      • Closed - Orders that have been billed and month-end processes run. Charges have been posted to ledgers for review and reconciliation.
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