University of California, Riverside

Communications Work Order System

FAU Changes

If you would like to change the FAU that a line is being charged to, please follow the steps below.
Step 1
  • Login to R'Space using your Net ID and password.
  • Click on Commnications Work Order under Authorized Applications.
Transactor Options
Step 2
  • Under Transactor Options, click on FAU Changes.
Transactor Options
Step 3
  • Enter the Activity Code that you would like to change and click on Search.
Individual Services
Step 4
  • Step 3 will generate all of the accounts that you have access to/responsiblity for, along with what each account is being charged for.
Change Action
Step 5
  • Click on the FAU you would like to change from the list provided, enter the updated FAU, and then click Save.
  • Your change will take effect in the next billing cycle.
Request Description

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