University of California, Riverside

Communications Work Order System

Trouble Ticket

To place a Trouble Ticket, please follow the steps below.

Step 1
  • Login to R'Space using your Net ID and password.
  • Click on Communications Trouble Ticket under the Tools section of R'Space.
Transactor Options
Step 2

Under the General Options section click on Trouble Ticket.

Individual Services
Step 3
  • Fill out all mandatory field which are in red.
  • When completing the Description of Trouble, be sure to choose the description of trouble that matches the trouble you are experiencing. If there is no match, choose MISC. When choosing MISC, please be sure to describe the trouble you are having in the Notes field.
  • The Alternate Contact information is optional but can be helpful to Communications staff.
Change Action
Step 4
  • If you are reporting Data Trouble, enter the building information (Sit, Building, Floor, and Room).
  • Once you have all the information filled in, click on Save and Review. You will be taken to the Review Screen.
Request Description
Step 5

Once you have reviewed your request, and confirmed that all information is correct, click Submit Request.

Submit Request
Step 6
  • You will receive a confirmation and Trouble Ticket Number. 
  • You have the option to convert this record to a PDF file or return to the Main Menu.

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To Review a Trouble Ticket, please follow the steps below.
Step 1

To review Trouble Tickets that you have submitted or to check status, choose Review a Trouble Ticket from the Main Menu.

Review TT
Step 2

Click on the Trouble Ticket Request Number you would like to review. This will take you to the Trouble Ticket status page.

Review TT Number
Step 3

You will see important information such as Reported Date, Estimate Start Date, and Actual Start Date. It will also let you know if the work has been completed.

Change Action


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