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Enterprise Access Control System

EACS, Enterprise Access Control System

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EACS (Enterprise Access Control System)

The Enterprise Access Control System (EACS) provides UCR System Access Administrators (SAAs) a single tool to securely control access to a wide variety of campus systems within their scope of responsibility in a completely paperless, automated environment.

Control Access With A Single Tool

EACS is a companion system to the campus Enterprise Directory. The Enterprise Directory authenticates users via UCR NetID and password, while EACS determines whether or not individual users have the authority to access particular systems and applications. In addition, EACS contains reports that allow SAAs to view their accountability structure grouped by application or by UCR NetID.

During the past few years, the number of campus business systems utilizing EACS has grown dramatically. Today, not only does the campus financial and purchasing systems utilize EACS, but authorization to use eFile (UCRs online Academic Personnel Merit and Promotion system), iTravel, the graduate student information system, and many other campus systems is granted via EACS. Moreover, many new business applications (four Human Resources systems alone) will come online in the years ahead and all these systems will also utilize EACS.

As a result, the Financial Systems Steering Committee (FSSC) has sponsored and is now ready to deploy a comprehensive EACS upgrade. See more details regarding the EACS upgrade.

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