University of California, Riverside

Enterprise Access Control System


Q. Our current SAA is leaving our department.  How do we assign another SAA?
A. Please send email to to request changes to SAA access.  Provide the UCR NetID of the SAA who should be deleted and the UCR NetID of the replacement/interim SAA in addition to the associated accountability structure (e.g., Department Code).

Q. I am trying to add the Traveler role to a user in EACS, however the Traveler role is not available for selection.
A.Two issues may be causing this situation.

  • The user may already have the Traveler role authorized.  Select the user (from the User listing) to view designated applications and roles.
  • The user may have a status that does not permit the Traveler role designation.  View the Available Applications by Affiliation section for additional information.

Q. I am trying to add a student user but cannot find this user when searching by name?
A. Students may be added as users in EACS if they have a Student ID and a PPS entry.

Most often the issue preventing EACS student access is the Social Security number - the Social Security number must be entered in both PPS and SIS - and it must be the same number entered in the correct field - there have been instances where the Social Security number has been entered into an incorrect field or missing altogether.

Please confirm the PPS and SIS entries to ensure the Social Security number is populated correctly.

In addition, please confirm the employee is "active" status in PPS and also check that their appointment is current.

If your findings verify the social security number information and their status is active in PPS, please send mail to with the following information:

  • Student Name (First name, Last name)
  • Student Username (e.g.,
  • Student ID (86....)
  • Employee ID (85...)

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