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eQuote - Sending quotes to vendors via email

 eBuy Transactors now have the ability to electronically request quotes for goods and services from suppliers of their choice (supplier need not be in the supplier data base).  When an electronic request for quotation (RFQ) is created, eBuy sends an email notification to the selected supplier with a link to a secure web page where they can view and respond to the solicitation. 


Options are available for eBuy Transactors to review submitted quotes and generate DAPOs to the selected supplier(s).  When a request is over a Transactors delegated authority a Purchase Requisition (PR) may be created and sent to Central Procurement Services for processing by a Buyer.


Please review the following details for using the eQuote option:

Creating an eQuote

  • Select CREATE ORDER from the Transactor menu
  • Enter the required information (red fields)
  • Note: confirmation email notifications are sent to the designated User Contact
Transactor Options

Creating an eQuote, cont'd

  • Change Order Type to eQuote and select SAVE ORDER TYPE
  • Add Line Item details
  • Add Attachments as needed

Order Type

Add Line

Creating an eQuote - Quote tab

  • Navigate to the Quote tab
  • Enter Vendor Response Deadline
  • Use the ADD VENDOR FROM DATABASE option to search for and select vendors from the campus vendor database or use the ADD OTHER VENDOR option for vendors not available in the UCR Vendor Database
  • Use the "pencil" icon to add/edit the Vendor Contact and email address information.  This is the name and email address for which the quote will be sent.
  • Select the REVIEW EMAIL option to add additional information to the message
  • Select SEND QUOTE to complete the process.  The eQuote will be sent to all selected vendors.

Quote Deadline

Add Vendor

Edit Vendor

Review Email

Send quote

Reviewing the status of eQuotes

The QUOTE tab displays the status (Unread, WIP, Submitted, Declined) of eQuote requests.

Use the VIEW link to open the eQuote and view details.

Email notifications are sent to the Transactor when the Vendor Submits or Declines the quote.


Response before

Response after

Reviewing the status of eQuotes, cont'd

There are two views available on the QUOTE tab.  

The REQUEST view shows the vendors that were selected for quotes before the email request has been sent.  There are options to add additional vendor(s) and/or update the Response Due Date.  Email notifications will be sent accordingly.

The PROCESS view shows the status of the quote process for the selected vendors after the email notification has been sent.




Reviewing Multiple eQuotes

Use the GROUP ITEMS BY VENDOR option to view multiple quotes by line item

pay sources

Compare and Award eQuotes

The COMPARE AND AWARD option can be used to evaluate multiple eQuotes.

Use the check boxes to select the quotes to view and select COMPARE AND AWARD

Options are available to make selections by line item and vendor

Click SAVE AND CLOSE to return to the eBuy order screen


file name

Finalizing the eQuote

When the Compare and Award process is completed select the PREVIEW AWARDS AND SUBMIT option to proceed with awarding the quote to the selected vendor(s).

Review and confirm the vendor and line item selections are correct.  Select CONFIRM AND CREATE to proceed with finalizing the order(s).

A confirmation message informs users that eBuy will convert the eQuote selections to DAPOs for the selected vendor(s).

If multiple vendors have been awarded multiple DAPOs are created

Select the DAPOs by clicking the control number to open the order and finalize the order details (e.g.,assign PO number, encumber the order and notify the vendor).

eMail notifications are automatically sent to all vendors with the results of the award process.








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