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eBuy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.  Can I assign the role fo Sub Requestor to student users?

A.  Yes, providing the student user has both a Student ID and a PPS entry.

Most often the issue preventing a student user to be added as a Sub Requestor is the social security number - the social security number must be entered in both PPS and SIS - and it must be the same number entered in the correct field.  While this may sound obvious there have reports of a social security number that has been entered into an incorrect field or missing altogether.

Review the PPS and SIS entries to ensure the social security number is populated correctly.

Also, the employee must have an "active" status in PPS with a current appointment entry.

If the social security number information and PPS entries have been verified and the stuent's UCR NetID cannot be added as a Sub Request please send me the following information to eBuy Feedback for further troubleshooting.

  • Student Name (First name, Last name)
  • Student Username (e.g.,
  • Student ID (86....)
  • Employee ID (85...)

Q.  How to I setup an International Vendor?

A.  International vendors require a W-8 (not a W-9) form.  Links to the forms and instructions are listed below:

Q.  I am unable to access the web pages within the eCatalog Shop option.  Help!

A.  To resolve this issue please add the following URLs to the Trusted Sites browser settings:

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