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What's New!

What's New!


eQuote - Electronic Quote Request

eBuy Transactors now have the ability to electronically request quotes for goods and services from suppliers of their choice (supplier need not be in the supplier data base).  When an electronic request for quotation (RFQ) is created, eBuy sends an email notification to the selected supplier with a link to a secure web page where they can view and respond to the solicitation.  More information...

Partial Sales and Use Tax Exemption

Effective July 01, 2014 and continuing through June 30, 2022, the California Board of Equalization is providing a Partial Sales and Use Tax Exemption of 4.1875% under Regulation 1525.4, Manufacturing and Research & Development Equipment. Riverside County tax is currently 8.0%. This reduction will result in an effective tax rate of 4.8125% for qualified purchases.  More Information...

Electronic Submission of Purchase Orders to Vendor via Email

The UCR eBuy purchasing system has been enhanced (as of June, 2014) to allow purchase orders to be transmitted to vendors electronically via email as a PDF attachment. It is our hope that the availability of this new option will result in greater efficiency, as purchase order PDFs will not have to be emailed manually or even printed, signed, and mailed to the vendor via the US Postal Service.

Please review the content below for specifics regarding the use of delivering purchase orders electronically via email with the PO attached as a PDF document.

eMail Vendor Copy

After a Transactor encumbers a DAPO the "Email Vendor Copy" option will be presented. This option is also available to Transactors via the "This Order" menu.

Summary Report

Selecting the "Email Vendor Copy" link will open a new window with a PDF copy of the purchase order and other information pertinent to the email generation process, including:


Vendor Contact – Defaulted with the contents from the PO Vendor tab. This information can be modified as needed.
Vendor Email – Defaulted with the contents from the PO Vendor tab. This information can be modified as needed.
Subject – Defaulted with "UCR Purchase Order and PO Number" to " Vendor Name"

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eMail Message

Default text is provided.  This text can be modified as needed.

Summary Report

Courtesy Copy – By default, the user who encumbered the order will receive a courtesy copy of the email. Additional email addresses can be included as well.

Fund Status

Additional Attachments
By default, the vendor copy of the PO is attached as a PDF. Additional files (including files that are already attached to the PO) can be added to the email via this feature.

Fund Details

Vendor Copy Signatures
The Vendor Copy PDF "signature" is the user who encumbered the order. The Vendor Copy PDF will display the user's name in a script-style font with an indication that the PO is electronically signed.

Fund Details

Please note! 

Signatures will be included on both the Vendor and Campus copies of each PO PDF as long as the status of the order is ENCUMBERED. Signatures will be omitted from all PDFs when the PO status is Work-in-Progress.
If the order has not been encumbered the PDF will bear a watermark indicating DRAFT. Once the order is ENCUMBERED, the watermark will be omitted indicating that the order is official and finalized.

Other Options: Cancel, Preview, Send

A CANCEL button is available within this page if the user chooses not to send the PO to the vendor.
A PREVIEW button is available to view a representation of what the email will look like prior to actually sending it.

After the user has reviewed the email content, and made any necessary changes, the SEND button can be clicked to deliver the email to the vendor.

eMails will contain a "From" address based upon the UCR NetID of the logged-in user sending the email (e.g. This ensures the vendor can reply to the email and it will be received by the appropriate person at UCR.

The date/time stamp on the email is based upon the current date and time of the UCR server at the moment the email is sent.

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eMail History
Each time an email is sent via eBuy the email transmission is recorded to provide an appropriate audit trail as follows:

A system-generated entry is logged in eBuy's Routing tab indicating "PO Emailed to Vendor" with the user's UCR NetID and date/time stamp.

The "PO Emailed to Vendor" entry on the Routing tab is presented as a hyperlink which can be selected to view the specific email that was sent at that point in time, including all attachments and the purchase order PDF that was included in the email.


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