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eBuy Roles

eBuy Routing & Roles

A number of roles are available within the eBuy application. Please review the list below for additional information regarding the options available for each role. In addition, please review the following eBuy Role Recommendations for guidance to determine the appropriate level of eBuy access.

Please note, with the exception of the Sub-Reqeustor and Check Out user roles, eBuy access is authorized by the department SAA via EACS. The role of Sub-Requestor is designated by the eBuy Requestor via the eBuy application.

eBuy supports complete end-to-end routing of orders:

Sub-Requestor <--> Requestor <--> Transactor <--> Purchasing

The Routing tab shows the current location of any order and a log of all routing actions that have taken place to date.

eBuy Routing Locator


 eBuy Routing Log




Sub Requestor users create requests to purchase and submit to their assigned Requestor for review.

NOTE: The Sub-Requestor role is not assigned via EACS, it is assigned by the eBuy Requestor via the eBuy application.


eBuy Requestor options include:

  • Create requests to purchase and submit to the eBuy Transactor for further processing.
  • Establish and maintain Sub-Requestor users.
  • Review requests to purchase submitted by their Sub-Requestors. The Requestor may edit, cancel, return or approve the Purchase Request. If approved, the Purchase Request is submitted to the eBuy Transactor for processing.


eBuy Trasactor options include:

  • Create DAPOs (Department Authorized Purchase Orders) and Purchase Requisitions.

Purchase Requsitions are orders for goods/services of a higher cost than allowed by DAPO Agreements or are for items such as restricted materials which must be processed by Campus Purchasing.

  • Process requests to purchase submitted by Requestors.


Receiver users update DAPO and Purchase Order status to indicate products/services have been received and authorize Accounting to make payment.

Note! Some invoices may require additional approval before payment can be made.

Check Out User

The Purchasing department now has the ability to check Purchase Requisitions out for review, comment, and approval as appropriate to any valid UCR NetID, regardless of whether the individual possesses a role within eBuy.  Check Out users receive email notifications from eBuy indicating that an order has been checked out for their review.  When an order is checked out for one's review, a Check Out item on the eBuy main menu will prompt the user to review, comment, and approve the order as appropriate.

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