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SAA Information

EACS provides UCR System Access Administrators (SAAs) a single web tool to efficiently grant users access to UCR’s Purchasing Application, eBuy.

The following eBuy roles are available:

  • SubRequestor
  • Requestor
  • Transactor
  • Receiver

Please review the eBuy Role Recommendations to best determine the appropriate roles to authorize for your department or unit’s Purchasing needs.  Also, please take into account the Separation of Duties Financial Risk Control considerations. 

An eBuy Purchasing for SAA tutorial is available, please see the eBuy Online Training section.

In addition, please be aware that eBuy Transactors are required to complete Online Purchasing Training within the UCR Learning Center.

Please be aware that when assigning the eBuy Transactor role EACS will prompt for two designations, Maximum Requisition Amount and Default Agreement Access. Please review the information below for further information regarding these eBuy Transactor authorization options.

Maximum Requisition Amount

The Maximum Requisition Amount is the dollar limit for which a Transactor is authorized to send requisitions to Central Purchasing for processing.

The following authorization limits are recommend by Purchasing. However, SAAs may decide to designate a lower amount.

  • Purchasing Assistants: $25,000
  • MSO/SAA: $100,000
  • CFAO and Dept. Chairs: Unlimited*

*Enter 99,999,99.00 to designate "unlimited" as an option

Default Agreement Access

Default Agreement Access determines what agreements the Transactor can select when processing a Department Authorized Purchase Order (a.k.a. DAPO).

Default Agreements are those agreements that Central Purchasing has determined the entire campus may have access to use to conduct University business

Selecting YES will provide the Transactor automatic access to all default agreements.

Selecting NO will allow the SAA to only designate specific agreements for Transactor access.

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