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eBuy Training

eBuy Online Training

eBuy Online Training tutorials are available in the UC Learning Center (LMS).

All of the eBuy training tutorials begin with “Purchasing”.  Simply enter "purchasing"  into the LMS search field to view a a listing of available eBuy Training  tutorials.

In addition, the LMS has added these Purchasing training tutorials to the A-Z catalog that are on the HR training website. 

Here is the list of the more recent eBuy tutorials:

  • Purchasing: Obtaining Goods and Services at UCR
  • Purchasing: SAA for eBuy
  • Purchasing: Requestor Role
  • Purchasing: Establishing Sub-Requestors
  • Purchasing: Sub-Requestor
  • Purchasing: Transactor A Training and Assessment
  • Purchasing: Transactor B Training and Assessment
  • Purchasing: Transactor C
  • Purchasing: Receiver Role Training and Assessment 

Training tutorials for SubRequestor, Requestor, Transactor and Receiver roles are now available in LMS.  An additional module for SAAs to enhance their understanding of the unique mechanisms used in establishing and structuring eBuy roles is also available.

Required training for Transactors and Receivers 

Those currently holding a Transactor position will be required to complete the entire series of Transactor modules prior to 12-31-2011.  Newly appointed Transactors must complete the modules prior to becoming an active Transactor.  Similarly, current Receivers must complete the “Receiver” module (~36 minutes) prior to May 1, 2011.  Newly appointed Receivers must complete the module prior to becoming an active Receiver.

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