University of California, Riverside

Enterprise Directory



The UCR Enterprise Directory functions as the on-line directory look up for faculty and staff and for the creation and management of faculty and staff electronic identity. The electronic identity of an employee is their UCR NetID. The UCR NetID enables authenticated access to UCR’s Enterprise Webmail, wireless network connectivity, and other UCR transaction processing systems.

Moreover, the Enterprise Directory is one of two core components of UCR’s administrative portal (known as iViews) and provides a single point of authentication for portal users (the second core component is EACS, the campus authorization system).

As more and more systems utilize the UCR Net ID for authentication, and as more and more systems become integrated into iViews, it is important that the campus community understand how UCR Net IDs are established and that these identifiers are established in quick, efficient, and secure fashion. With the goal of facilitating access to UCR’s growing world of cyber resources, this web pages will provide background and information on UCR’s Enterprise Directory and UCR Net IDs.

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