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Inactivating an Employee

All UCR faculty and staff are eligible to continue their e-mail after their PPS separation date. Faculty will have 90 days from their separation date and staff will have 30 days. UCR Emeriti will continue e-mail and other access for life. The Enterprise Directory will automatically delete all access to systems and e-mail. Access to all systems will be inactivated the day after the input into PPS of the employee’s separation (SEPR) date. E-mail and the employee’s Enterprise Directory listing will be inactivated after the 30 or 90 days automatically. If an individual has left UCR for cause, the administrator will remove their record from the directory by clicking the Inactive button immediately. This will take effect within 2 hours of the update, and system access, including e-mail access, will be terminated.

When an employee is inactivated they are no longer accessible from the “active” database. As of September 7, 2004, all deleted employees' data will be stored in the inactive portion of UCR Enterprise Directory.

Reactivating an Employee

If an employee returns to UCR after termination, or if their record has been deleted in error, you will be able to Reactivate that employee’s record. You may search by clicking the “inactive” or “all” found under show from the first screen. Verify and update all fields and complete the UCR NetID process using a UCR NetID & Temporary Password Mandatory Form. You will re-use the former UCR NetID and create a new temporary password.

Inactive / Active / Re-Activate

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