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Procedure for Requesting Affiliate Accounts

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An affiliate is a person who is engaging in official campus business but does not have an entry in PPS (the campus payroll system) and under most all cases is not employable via PPS. This individual may be a consultant on contract, a visiting researcher, a temporary agency employee or any other identified individual who, for the benefit of the university, should have access to authenticated electronic communications. (See Campus Policies)

  1. Complete the UCR Affiliate Access & Verification Of Identity form at the eForm Web Application via R'Space. The request will include the Departmental Financial Managers / Entity Head signature authorization. It will also explain who this new User is (category of access), justification for request, and how long they will be affiliated with UCR. Affiliate requests are limited to a maximum of six (6) months. Extensions can be requested by submitting a new application with extension request identified. Exceptions for extenuating circumstances must be authorized by C&C’s Associate Vice Chancellor. The Affiliates access to e-mail and UCR systems will terminate the day following the affiliate end date. Please be sure to complete all fields on the web form enabling a complete entry in the Campus Enterprise Directory Database. Main fields include:
    • First Name, Middle Initial & Last Name
    • Working Title
    • Phone & Fax #
    • Room # and Bldg where located
    • Six letter department code (e.g. DO1129, same as Enterprise Directory Administrator)
    • Supervisors Name and UCR NetID
  2. Once the online form is completed, it will be routed to your Organizations CFAO for approval. once approved, all the form with generate an email to for processing. Please note Computing & Communications will not accept paper forms for processing.
  3. Upon receipt of the request, C&C will process the request by creating an entry in the UCR Enterprise Directory, and will coordinate the delivery of the completed UCR NetID application with your Dept. Enterprise Directory Administrator. This information is confidential. The Department Administrator will issue a copy of the completed UCR NetID form including the temporary password to the new User and will retain the copies, as the official department of record.
  4. The Department EDA, the Affiliate's supervisor and/or sponsoring department is responsible for notifying C&C to make any changes to the Affiliate's Enterprise Directory record. These changes include affiliation expiration, extension requests and conversion to UCR Employee status (Career or Limited). If an extension is needed, a new Request Form for UCR Affiliate Access must be submitted to C&C. Extensions should always be requested prior to the expiration date to avoid the need for a new UCR NetID application. Once again, please note, C&C will not accept paper forms for processing affiliate access requests or extensions.
  5. If the employee is converting from Affiliate to UCR Employee status, please send e-mail to C&C, and provide the employees PPS ID #. Wait until the day after the PPS entry update before sending the e-mail.
  6. Please e-mail with any questions regarding affiliate requests.

Procedures for Requesting Affiliate Accounts using eforms

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