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UCR Campus Policy

Professor and Associate Professor - Emeritus/a Without Salary Appointments

Policy Owner: Academic Personnel and Computing and Communications

Effective Date: 7/20/2009
Revised: September 22, 2010

UCR Campus Policy on Emeritus/a Without Salary Appointments for Academic Senate and non-Academic Senate Retirees.

A. Introduction and Background

The title Professor Emeritus/a is conferred, upon retirement, on every UCR Professor and Associate Professor.  Emeritus/a faculty are welcome, active, and vibrant participants in UCR's scholarly and intellectual communities. The Emeritus title also may be conferred by the Chancellor upon Non-Senate Academic Appointees and Senior Managers who meet the specific criteria outlined in the Academic Personnel Manual (APM) 120, in recognition of their exemplary service to the University.  It is thus very important that Emeritus/a designations are established within UCR's Payroll Personnel System (PPS) and Enterprise Directory for all retired faculty so that access and connectivity can be maintained with all campus electronic systems.

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B. General Policy

Emeritus/a without salary appointments are to be utilized whenever an academic appointee with Emeritus/a status retires from the University. Use of the title through the PPS system allows Emeritus/a faculty to utilize various campus administrative / electronic systems (e.g. UCR's e-mail system, receive automated electronic campus notifications, utilize UCR's electronic information systems, etc.). Not only will the Emeritus/a appointment allow for continued use of university resources, it will also provide liability coverage in the event of an accident.

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C. Specific Policy Elements

  • Emeritus/a appointments should be made only after a retiree's regular appointment has been terminated and at least 24 hours have passed. This ensures the retirement system correctly captures the retiree's new status.
  • The following title codes may be used for these appointments:
      Use this title code for Professor Emeritus/a titles. Each Professor is automatically conferred Emeritus/a and Principal Investigator status upon retirement. These WOS appointments do not require a faculty vote.
    • 3249 ________SENATE-EMERITUS/A
      Use this title code for Associate Professor Emeritus/a titles. Each Associate Professor is automatically conferred Emeritus/a and Principal Investigator status upon retirement. These WOS appointments do not require a faculty vote.
    • 3800 --- EMERITUS(WOS)
      Use this title code for Cooperative Extension Specialists, Librarians, other academics or senior managers who have been conferred Emeriti status pursuant to APM 120.
  • Departments will enter emeriti into PPS using one of these title codes. The title Professor Emeritus/a is conferred, upon retirement, on every Professor and Associate Professor therefore emeritus without salary appointments do not require a faculty vote.
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D. Procedures for creating an Emeritus/a without salary appointment:

  1. Terminate the employee's regular appointment(s).
  2. Wait at least 24 hours.
  3. Re-hire the retiree:
    • Ensure the newly retired faculty has a signed UC State Oath of Allegiance, Patent Policy, and Patent Acknowledgment form UPAY585 on file (all UCR faculty complete this form during the hiring process and it will therefore typically be included in the individual's personnel file; there is no need to re-process / re-sign the form if it is already on file within the department).

      If the aforementioned form has not been completed or can't be found within the retiree's personnel file, witness the retiree's signature on the UC State Oath of Allegiance, Patent Policy, and Patent Acknowledgment form UPAY585.
    • Have the retiree complete the UCR Volunteer Register Form.
    • Create a new appointment '90' in the payroll system/PPS after a 24-hour waiting period using the appropriate title code (1132, 3249 or 3800). The time code should be 'W.' Use an indefinite end date (999999), which will effect the change in employment status.
    • Create a new distribution '91' with an indefinite end date (999999). The DOS code should be 'WOS' and the time code should be 'W'.
    • Create the appointment with an indefinite end date. The authentication system will automatically cancel access / privilege at age 99.
  4. Update UCR's Enterprise Directory based upon the Payroll Personnel System (PPS) data feed that include records with the Emeritus/a status (recall that when a retired faculty member is entered into PPS and given one of the two aforementioned title codes, UCR's identity management systems will be updated).  The procedure for updating the Enterprise Directory is as follows:
    • The Enterprise Directory Administrator, based on PPS Home Department, and upon communication from his or her department's PPS Preparer, will have access to update the Emeritus/a record as needed (e.g. provide a working title, such as "Professor of Entomology, Emerita" or “Librarian Emeritus”, etc.).
    • Upon the automatic update from PPS, the Emeritus/a record will function like an active employee record (e.g. the Emeritus/a's name will appear in the campus directory, the individual will be able to use campus e-mail, be eligible to use campus systems, etc.).
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E. System Access

Emeritus/a appointments will have access to campus administrative systems in the same way active employees have access to these systems Please note that certain campus systems are made available to Emeriti and active employees without the employee requesting access to these systems (these systems include e-mail, wireless network access, etc.) Additionally, Emeriti and active employees are eligible to utilize other campus systems and are granted access to these systems by departmental Systems Access Administrators (SAAs) via UCR's Enterprise Access Control System (EACS) These systems include the campus travel system, purchasing system, academic merit and promotion system, etc.
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F. Termination of Emeritus/a Without Salary Appointments

Appointments may be terminated at any time by processing a separation action within PPS. These appointments must be separated within PPS upon death or age 99.
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G. Policy Oversight.

Oversight for this policy is provided by the Academic Information Systems Steering Committee (this committee last reviewed and approved this document on September 22, 2010).
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  1. General University Policy Regarding Academic Appointees APM 120
  2. UC State Oath of Allegiance and Patent Acknowledgement UPAY585
  3. UCR Volunteer Register Form
  4. UCR Volunteer Status Extension/Separation Notice
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