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Q. We hired a temporary worker through an employment agency, how do I assign this user a UCR NetID?

A. An affiliate is a person who is engaging in official campus business but does not have an entry in PPS (the campus payroll system). This individual may be a consultant on contract, a visiting researcher, a temporary agency employee or any other identified individual who, for the benefit of the university, should have access to authenticated electronic communications. More about Affiliates...

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Q. How do I reset a forgotten password?

A. To re-set a forgotten password, the procedure is the same as Creating a Temporary Password:

  • Create a Temporary Password for initial use by the employee.
  • Use a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 characters.
  • USE Random numbers and letters. EXAMPLE: kdj483, kjw498, opc098.
  • Do not use a generic password like changeme, abcdef, password etc.
  • Create a different one for every individual.
  • It must be difficult.
  • You must use at least 2 alpha and 1 numeric characters.
  • The password will be case sensitive.
  • The password will expire in 7 days.
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Q. I have an employee who is transferring to another UCR department, what do I need to do?

A. An employee's new home department information will automatically change in the Enterprise Directory the day after their PPS entry has been updated. At that time the Enterprise Directory Administrator for the new department can make all other necessary updates to the employee's record

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Q. How do I setup an email account for a group or entity?

A. Departmental email addresses are defined as a non-role status email address used primarily by departments to funnel emails from many people to one address for a specific departmental purpose. Such purposes can be meant as a mailbox for a specific project the department is handling, a mailbox for students to send inquiries to a specific department, or a mailbox for many people to ask for help through one address. The specific address is to have one person designated as the owner and responsible party, for the address. The owner may designate an alternate person to manage the address after the address has been established. It is the mailgroups owner or the department SAAs responsibility to initiate the same procedures to change the owner of any mailgroup. More about Mailgroups...

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Q. I have a student employee, how do I assign this student a UCR NetID?

A. Student Employees are never entered into the UCR Campus Enterprise directory. All UCR Students are automatically assigned UCR NetID's when they are accepted/registered as students. If you wish to assign a student access to a system that they may be eligible for, it would need to be processed via EACS.

Q. I have an employee who has legally changed their name, how do I change their UCR NetID to reflect their new name?

A. A UCR NetID is never changed. You are able to change the employees First Name or Last Name and change their address. This is done by editing these fields in the Enterprise Directory once PPS has been updated.

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Q. I have re-hired a former employee and I can not locate them under "Add New Employee", how to I add them into the directory?

A. If you are unable to locate this employee under the 'add new employee' button, they are most likely already in the directory as 'inactive'. Change your search option to inactive and you will be able to reactivate them from the inactive data.

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Q. My new employee was a former student, why does their student UCR NetID pop up for staff use?

A. All employees on campus are assigned a UCR NetID when they first arrive on campus, regardless if they start as a student or staff. Whatever UCR NetID you are assigned at the beginning of your affiliation with UCR will be the one that will stay with you until you leave. This consistency will help with access to systems and programs you will use throughout your entire career on campus.

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Q. If a staff employee is reporting to an individual who is functioning as an interim or acting supervisor, should the Primary designation be used?

A. If the interim role is temporary and the former supervisor will return to his/her supervisory duties (such as in the case of a leave of absence), the interim supervisor should be designated as a Secondary Supervisor.

However, If the interim role is for an extended period of time or the former supervisor will not return (such as in the case of a separation), the interim supervisor should be designated as the Primary supervisor.

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Q. What to do if password is not working

If your employee indicates their password no longer works, it maybe expired. Check your copy of the employee’s application for the date and time. See Forgotten Passwords. Make sure they have a copy of their application for the time and date of activation and the correct web site.

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Q. How long to wait for Early Access to E-mail/Systems?

An employee who has been hired in PPS within one year of their start date may be entered in the Enterprise Directory.  Enterprise Directory Administrators will be able to create the UCR NetID for an employee up to one year before their start date. 

Note:  Entries made in PPS take one day to update in the Enterprise Directory.

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Q. What to do when I am unable to view new hires?

When you are unable to view an employee you have hired in PPS, the day before, normally it will be something in the PPS entry that is not correct. There are several fields in PPS that will allow or disallow an employee to be added to the Enterprise Directory. Recommendation; first review the PPS entries on screen ‘EPD1’ – student status. This is a common oversight when a PPS ‘rehire’ bundle is not used. Review other screens that indicate student status and correct them, provided they are no longer students.

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Q. What to do if I re-hired a former employee?

A former employee will not be located under the "add new employee" button. Since they are a re-hire, most likely they are in the Enterprise Directory already, and listed as inactive. You will need to search the inactive employees and then reactive their record. See Inactive / Active / Re-Activate.

If an employee returns to UCR after termination or their record has been deleted in error you will be able to Reactivate that employees record. You may search by clicking the "inactive" or "all" bullet from the first screen. Verify and update all fields and complete the UCR NetID process using a new application. You will re-use the former UCR NetID and create a new temporary password.

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