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First Name: Use same information provided in Payroll Personnel System
Last Name: Use same information provided in Payroll Personnel System
Middle Name
or Initial:
Use same information provided in Payroll Personnel System
Nickname: Terri (30) Discuss with employee if they wish their nickname to be entered
Suffix & Prefix: (3) Jr, Sr, I, II, etc.
Employee ID: Populated via PPS
Primary Title: Administrative Assistant (60) upper and lower case (Do not use numbers I, II, III etc.) Concise working titles are O.K. (e.g. Personnel Specialist, Office Manager, etc)
Home Dept Code: Populated via PPS
Secondary Title: (60) upper and lower case
UCR NetID: Required field. TERRIM (6-8) Follow the instructions to create a unique ID. Note: If the employee is a former student the field will automatically populate with his existing UCR NetID. It will match the same ID they received with they first started on campus. e.g. mcdon006. An employee will always keep whatever UCR NetID that was created when they first became affiliated with UCR. If they start as a student the ID will remain the same if they become staff. If they start as staff and become a student it will be the one that was created when they first became employed.
6-8 characters. Must be difficult. Use at least 2 alphabetic and 1 numerical character. Example: xaarm12, krb1973, unc42g8 etc.
E-mail - bullets:
  • Campus: UCR Enterprise Directory program will automatically update the campus e-mail address derived from the UCR NetID.
  • Other: Enter other valid e-mail address:
  • None: If an employee will not have an e-mail address in the directory.
First.Last: Automatically derived from first name & last name fields. If your employee wants to use their nickname instead of their first name you will need to manually update this field and be sure the nickname field is completed. The alias will be active approximately 2 hrs from time of input of UCR NetID/Campus e-mail or other valid e-mail address.
Phone Info: Required field. (951) 827-6468. Every record must have a Primary number. Add fax and additional numbers the same as above. Do not use other numbers unless you want them made public. Only primary, alternate, and fax numbers will be printed in the paper version of the UCR Directory.
Addresses: Required field. Room: (20 chars.); Bldg (60 chars.); Street (60 chars.); City (30 chars.); State (2 chars.); Zip (10 chars.). Primary is required. Only one address can be denoted as primary & it is the only address printed. Do not complete street & city information if mail is delivered by campus mail services.
Required field. This field is used for Staff titles only. Only one (1) primary supervisor’s UCR NetID is allowed. For staff positions that have a secondary supervisor the quantity is unlimited. Always verify the UCR NetID is active and from the correct department organization.
Directory Code: Check one. The printing of the UCR & UCOP directories derived from this code.
Employee Status: Required field. Check one. Career status is the default. Scotmail mandatory e-mail list is derived from this information.
(Academic Senate
Members only):

The process to identify/flag a new Academic Senate Emeritus in the Enterprise Directory will now be a direct feed from the UCR Payroll Personnel System (PPS)  Review the proper pps processing required.

Once PPS is updated, be sure to update the Enterprise Directory with the new primary title; e.g. Professor of Entomology, Emeritus.

Faculty Web Page: For Faculty only. Faculty web page address (100) Example: Note: always check and make sure that the web url link works by viewing the faculty listing via the public search screen.


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