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To re-set a forgotten password, the procedure is the same as Creating a Temporary Password. You must use a new form each time a password is re-set. By using a new form each time it will ensure proper documentation of the temporary password’s date and time it was entered in the database.

  1. Create a Temporary Password for initial use by the employee.
  2. Use a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 characters.
  3. USE Random #’s and letters. Example: kdj483, kjw498, opc098.
  4. Do not use a generic password like changeme, abcdef, password etc.
  5. Create a different temporary password for every individual.
  6. It must be difficult.
  7. You must use at least 2 alpha and 1 numeric characters.
  8. The password will be case sensitive.
  9. The password will expire in 7 days.

Notify the employee of their new temporary password, by giving them a copy of the application. The Temporary Password Registration web page will be available to the employee two hours after you update the directory. Provide a copy of the “UCR NetID & Temporary Password Mandatory Form" and instruct the employee that they must register a permanent password on-line at within 7 days. This information is confidential. If the employee does not register within 7 days, the Administrator will need to re-create the temporary password using the same procedures above.

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