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Identity Management @ UCR

Understanding Identity Management at UCR and Access to Electronic Services

Authenticated access to UCR’s electronic resources is provided via UCR’s Identity Management systems and processes. These systems and processes are managed by UCR’s central information technology organization, Computing and Communications (C&C). A primary objective of C&C’s Identity Management systems and processes is to provide access to electronic services and communications in a quick, efficient, and secure fashion.

Via UCR’s Identity Management processes, campus students, staff, and faculty are provided a common identifier known as a UCR NetID that is used to authenticate individuals to various UCR electronic systems and services.

Highlights of UCR’s Identity Management systems and processes include the following:

  1. SIS* (for students) and PPS* (for faculty and staff) provide input to the campus Enterprise Directory (UCR utilizes an industry standard directory services and protocols).

    * SIS = Student Information System
    PPS = Payroll Personnel System

  2. Prior to PPS entries populating the Enterprise Directory, departmental administrative staff provides additional information (e.g. working title, secondary titles, etc.) to ensure information contained in the campus Enterprise Directory is as meaningful and robust as possible.
  3. Once UCR staff, faculty, and student information makes its way to the Enterprise Directory, individuals are automatically granted access to several electronic communications services (e.g. e-mail, etc.) and are eligible for access to other systems (e.g. electronic travel system).
  4. When employees are separated from the University (with their PPS entry modified with a separation date), their UCR NetID’s are AUTOMATICALLY inactivated from UCR’s Enterprise Directory and access to authenticated electronic communications resources ends (except for webmail which will remain active for 30 days following separation). It is important to note that Employees who separate from the university will not have their EACS profiles altered to facility reinstatement should an employee return as an Affiliate to the University.

    This functionality occurs during the nightly update from PPS to UCR’s Enterprise Directory.   Additional functional exists to enable immediate disabling of UCR NetID’s manually by administrative staff.
  5. When students are no longer enrolled at UCR, the functionality of their UCR NetID’s are reduced for webmail, and historical student information only.

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