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Departmental e-mail addresses are defined as a non-role status e-mail address used primarily by departments to funnel e-mails from many people to one address for a specific departmental purpose. Such purposes can be meant as a mailbox for a specific project the department is handling, a mailbox for students to send inquiries to a specific department, or a group mailbox for many people to ask for help through one address.

The specific address must have one person designated as the owner and responsible party for the address. The owner may designate an alternate person to manage the address after the address has been established. It is the mailgroup owner's or the department SAA's responsibility to initiate the same procedures to change the owner of any mailgroup.

To begin the process to request a mailgroup e-mail address, the owner will e-mail their request to their organization’s CFAO. The owner/manager would be the person to control the account members by adding and deleting those who should receive the e-mail.

The e-mail the owner will send for department authorization must include the following:

  1. The mailgroup e-mail address name you are requesting. It must be a unique name related to the specific purpose. for example:
  2. Write a brief paragraph explaining the specific business reason for this account and its purpose.
  3. The department CFAO can reply with their approval for this request directly to C&C at, or may reply to the requesting owner/manager who must then forward the approved request to C&C Upon receipt we will begin the process and follow-up with the owner. The follow-up will include the completion date and the instructions on how to manage the mailgroup e-mail address.

For additional questions please e-mail or call BearHelp at x24848 with any questions regarding mailgroup requests.

Procedures for Requesting a Department E-mail Account

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