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Adding a New Employee

Enterprise Directory User Guide

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It is highly recommended to add the UCR NetID & Temporary Password Mandatory Form to your department's new hire packets.

The Enterprise Directory Administrator is allowed to enter a new employee or re-hire to the database prior to the employee’s start date. If a UCR employee (faculty or staff) is hired in PPS, within 21 days of their start date you will be able to add them to the Enterprise Directory early. The procedures will be exactly the same as adding a new employee.

  • Department PPS Preparer Responsibilities:
    1. Complete the top portion of the “UCR NetID & Temporary Password Mandatory Form
      This form should be completed with the employee, as part of the hiring documents.
    2. The PPS Preparer will keep the final original form in the employees personnel file.
    3. Upon completion of data into PPS, the PPS Preparer will enter the PPS Data Entry date on the form.
    4. The form is then forwarded to the Department Enterprise Directory Administrator.
    5. The day after the PPS Preparer entered the employee into PPS, the Enterprise Directory Administrator can now enter the employee into the UCR Enterprise Directory. At this time a unique UCR NetID and temporary password must be created for all employees.
To add a new directory record:

Click on the “Add New Employee” button. From here you will find the list of hired employees, from your department/s, who are not in the Enterprise Directory. Click on "Add" to select the employee you wish to enter into the database. Upon selection the system will automatically complete the employee’s first name, last name, middle initial/name, PPS employee ID & the employee’s home department. Review the employees name for correctness. If the employees name is not correct, e.g. misspelled, you may need to correct their name in PPS before adding the employee. You will then have to wait until the following day to add this employee. The rest of the fields will be blank and ready for you to enter all other information. The fields highlighted in red are required fields. They must be entered before a record is complete. Follow the UCR Enterprise Directory Field Descriptions for uniformity. Please refer to the detailed instructions on creating the UCR NetID and temporary password. Be sure to complete all required fields and click on Save.

Creating the UCR NetID

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