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Notifying the employee

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To notify your employee of their UCR NetID and temporary password, give them a copy of the completed form. It must be signed by all and include the date and time of your updates. The Temporary Password Registration will be available to the employee two hours after you update the directory. The system is automatically updated every two hours throughout the day. At times you may miss the 2 hour update and the availability could be up to 4 hours.

Provide a copy of the “UCR NetID & Temporary Password Form” and instruct the employee that they must register a permanent password on-line at within 7 days. By giving your employee the form you will be able to keep their information confidential. The Enterprise Directory Administrators are the department of record for the original forms. If your employee does not register a permanent password within 7 days, the Administrator will need to re-create the temporary password using the same procedures above, completing a new form and a new temporary password. You must use a new form each time a password is re-set, as this will ensure proper documentation of the temporary password’s date and the time it was processed.

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