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Enterprise Directory User Guide

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The UCR Enterprise Directory functions as the on-line directory look up for faculty and staff and for the creation and management of faculty and staff electronic identity. The electronic identity of an employee is their UCR NetID. The UCR NetID enables access to UCR’s Enterprise Webmail, wireless network connectivity, and other UCR transaction processing systems.

Access to enter and edit records in UCR’s Enterprise Directory, is authorized by the departmental Systems Access Administrator (SAA) using the Enterprise Access Control System (EACS). All Enterprise Directory Administrators are required to be trained on the system by reviewing the on-line instructions. They must view the Training Module for Enterprise Directory Access and Authorization.

After viewing the required training information contact your SAA for access.

For employees:

To get your record entered or updated in UCR’s Enterprise Directory, please visit your department’s Enterprise Directory Administrator. View a list of department Enterprise Directory Administrators.

To Access Enterprise Directory:

To begin to use the program, log into R'space and then under Authorized Applications click on the program UCR Enterprise Directory.

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