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Procedures for Requesting a Department Email Account

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A department email account is a specific address with one person designated as the owner and responsible party. The purpose of this type of account can include the following: 1) Outlook calendaring ( or, 2) Organizational communication, and 3) other specific department needs.

To request a new departmental email account the following procedures must be followed:

  1. The owner of the email account must complete the "Application for Department Email Account" Form. Please note that there can only be one owner of the account.
  2. The form must be signed by the Department FAO or Department Head.
  3. The identity of the owner must then be verified by the department’s Enterprise Directory Administrator, PPS Preparer, or other responsible party. This individual must indicate on the form what type of ID was produced by the owner and sign the form stating they’ve verified the owner’s identity.
  4. The completed form must be scanned and emailed to
  5. Upon receiving the form, C&C will have up to 2 business days to set-up the account.
  6. Once the account is created, C&C will follow up with the department’s Enterprise Directory Administrator or the person who verified the ID of the account owner with the permanent password. C&C can only fax the form to the person who verified the owner’s identity. This same person must give a copy of the completed form to the owner, and place a copy in the owner’s personnel file.

A change of ownership is warranted if the current owner will no longer be responsible for the Department Email address.

It is the owner's responsibility to contact their Department FAO or Department Head to request that ownership of the account be changed. The same procedures listed above, must be followed to establish a new owner. Please indicate on the form (in the comments section) that this is an active email address and you are requesting a change of ownership.


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