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Begin by typing in your search criteria in one of the following fields:  Last Name, First Name, Department Name, E-mail, Primary Phone or Title.  The default “Show” is all ‘Active’ employees. You must change “Show” if you need to search for an ‘Inactive’ employee or ‘Al.'   The default search operator for the Enterprise Directory fields is “begins with”.  There is the option to select “contains” by using the down arrow.  To begin a search, select whether you are looking for an employee’s record that is ‘active’, ‘inactive’ or ‘all’ entries.  Next, type in the last name in the “Last Name” field and click on the search button.  Or if you wish to search for all departments of the C&C department Org 21, click on the magnifying glass under the Department Field and type in ORG21 in the Org Code field.  The results will be all the department codes for this organization.  Select the department you wish to search.  You may also choose another field; e.g. Div Code, Dept Code, Org Description, Div Description or Dept. Description.

After the information requested is displayed, you will have the option to click on the name to view the entire record for this person.  Or if you wish to edit this employees’ record you can click on the “edit” button to begin the edit process.  Always follow the UCR Enterprise Directory Field Descriptions when editing an employee’s record.

Additional Search Option

As an additional search option (effective April 2008) you are able to search by a Supervisors UCR NetID.  If you do not know the supervisor’s UCR NetID click on the hourglass button for search assistance.  Your results will be all employees listed with that staff as their primary supervisor.

Search Process

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