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Enterprise Directory - Supervisor Option

Human Resources and Computing & Communications are developing a suite of applications that will require a supervisor designation for staff employees. To prepare for this requirement the Enterprise Directory has been updated to allow Enterprise Directory Administrators to designate primary and secondary supervisor entries.

To assist Enterprise Directory Administrators with recording Supervisor information, the following "Supervisor Definition" has been approved by UCR's Human Resources department. If additional information is required in recording a supervisor entry, Enterprise Directory Administrators should request guidance from their SAA.

Supervisor Definition

A supervisor is the person regularly assigned responsibility for evaluating employee performance and for providing day to day work assignments.

Note! This definition is solely for the purpose of recording Supervisors within the Enterprise Directory. This nomenclature does not alter the campus definition of a supervisor.   Additional information is available in the Supplemental Guides for Supervisor Classes.

Adding a Supervisor Entry

From the Add/Edit Employee screen, the Supervisor Info section is located below the Phone and Addresses options.


Click the Add New Supervisor button, the window will be displayed.

  • Click the Magnifying Glass button to search by Last Name:
  • Selecting the supervisor's name from the list ensures the validity of the UCR NetID and accuracy of entering the appropriate supervisor.
Add New
Enter the Last Name of the Supervisor and click Search. Add New

A list of matching values will be displayed.

Select the appropriate employee from the Action column.

Add New

The Supervisor may be indicated as either Primary or Secondary

Note: Only one Primary Supervisor may be added

Multiple Secondary Supervisor entries are allowed.

Note: Secondary Supervisor entries may be appropriate for staff employees who are assigned to Administrative Clusters and report to multiple departments.

Click OK to complete the entry.

Add New
The Name, UCR NetID and Type will automatically be displayed in the Supervisor Info section. Add New

Supervisor Reports

Two new reports are available to manage Supervisor entries as follows:

Two new reports are available to manage Supervisor entries as follows: From the General Options menu item, select Reports.

Two reports are available:
  • Employee(s) with supervisor entry:
    This report will display a listing of all staff employees with a supervisor designation
  • Employee(s) without supervisor entry:
    This report will display a listing of all staff employees without a supervisor designation
Two reports

Other Options:

Supervisor History:

The Enterprise Directory will record changes to the Supervisor entries for each individual. Noting the Supervisor Name, Date, Action (Add, Remove, etc.) and the UCR NetID of the user making the change).

Select the "Supervisor History" link to view previous Supervisor entries.

Supervisor Definition:

UCR's Supervisor definition

More Information