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  • Password Not Working

    If your employee indicates their password no longer works, it maybe expired. Check your copy of the employee’s application for the date and time. See Forgotten Passwords. Make sure they have a copy of their application for the time and date of activation and the correct web site.

  • Early Access to E-mail/Systems

    An employee who has been hired in PPS within 21 days of their start date may be entered in the Enterprise Directory any time within those 21 days. You will be able to create their UCR NetID at any time within those 21 days, for early access.

    Example: You can enter the payroll information (PPS) on 12/15/08 with a start date of 1/1/09. As soon as the day after you can set up the employees UCR NetID and they would have access as early as that same day; two hours later and days before they start work.

  • Unable To View New Hires

    When you are unable to view an employee you have hired in PPS, the day before, normally it will be something in the PPS entry that is not correct. There are several fields in PPS that will allow or disallow an employee to be added to the Enterprise Directory. Recommendation; first review the PPS entries on screen ‘EPD1’ – student status. This is a common oversight when a PPS ‘rehire’ bundle is not used. Review other screens that indicate student status and correct them, provided they are no longer students.

  • Unable To View Re-Hired Former Employee

    A former employee will not be located under the "add new employee" button. Since they are a re-hire, most likely they are in the Enterprise Directory already, and listed as inactive. You will need to search the inactive employees and then reactive their record. See Inactive / Active / Re-Activate.

    If an employee returns to UCR after termination or their record has been deleted in error you will be able to Reactivate that employees record. You may search by clicking the "inactive" or "all" bullet from the first screen. Verify and update all fields and complete the UCR NetID process using a new application. You will re-use the former UCR NetID and create a new temporary password.

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