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  1. Upon receipt of the “UCR NetID & Temporary Password Mandatory Form," the Enterprise Directory Administrator will determine if the PPS entry was done the day before. If the entries were made the day before, the employee’s record will be available to enter into the UCR Enterprise Directory. If not, the Enterprise Directory Administrator can not proceed.
  2. Create a unique UCR NetID by using the person’s first name and initial of last name. (e.g. TERRIM). Please keep in mind that once a UCR NetID is created for an employee, they will not be able to change this at a later time, even if they change their name.
  3. Use a minimum of 5 and maximum of 8 letters.
  4. The UCR NetID must be unique.
  5. To confirm a UCR NetID is unique and not already given to another employee you must complete a search. To complete a search, start by clicking on the magnifying glass, and search by last name. If the employee is in the system click “select” and continue to Creating a Temporary Password. If they are not in the system by name, continue to search by using the desired UCR NetID. To do this, click the clear button, then type in the desired unique UCR NetID (e.g. TERRIM) and click on search. If the required, first name – last name initial sequence (Terrim), is not available, use an appropriate alternate combination of the person’s name. Onlyuse a combination of the person’s name. Examples: TERRIM, TERRIMC, TERRIMCD, TERRM, TERRMC, etc. It will be important to continue the search for all UCR NetID’s “beginning with” to verify the ID will be unique. If no UCR NetID is returned than this ID may be used, as it is unique and not being used by another employee. To continue, click the close button and type in the unique ID in the UCR NetID field.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: New employees and/or re-hired employees will continue to use the UCR NetID that was originally assigned or created for them. This includes any UCR NetID that is either active or inactive. This process adds consistency to the campus use of UCR NetID's. Given that, whatever UCR NetID that was originally created, at the start of the employees' career at UCR, will continue to be the UCR NetID throughout their UCR Career. If you re-hire a former UCR employee you will need to search for their INACTIVE entry and re-activate. Please see the instructions for re-hires located under the heading INACTIVE/ RE-ACTIVATE / ACTIVE (e.g. Former Employees, inactive PPS Entries). This will be the case even for former student employees hired as staff or vice versa. The original UCR NetID will remain the same. The Enterprise Directory will capture this original UCR NetID and automatically populate the NetID field for most recent former UCR students. The system will automatically pick up the former version of the student UCR NetID. If it does not automatically retrieve the former student NetID, than you will need to create a new one. You will only be required to use the former student NetID if the system auto populates. If a former student is using their former student NetID format and they experience any problems receiving (student) email from R'Mail they must contact the Student Computing Helpdesk via email or call 951-827-6495. There is a limited time that UCR graduates will be able to use their student email.

  6. The Enterprise Directory Administrator will sign the “UCR NetID & Temporary Password Form” upon completion of the employee’s record in the Enterprise Directory.

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