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Updating Academic Senate Member to Emeriti Status

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  • As of 8/18/2009 all new retiring faculty are required to have a WOS Appointment and Distribution in the campus Payroll Personnel System (PPS).  This data will be automatically fed to the Enterprise Directory and will automatically flag the retired faculty as an emeritus status.  This process is to be completed at least 24 hours after their retirement date.  Policy requires it to be at least 24 hours after, so as not to affect their retirement salary.
  • The day after the PPS entry update, PPS will automatically feed the new Emeritus status into the Enterprise Directory.  If the PPS entry is not completed 24 hours after the employee's retirement they will lose access to systems.  The e-mail will remain active for only 90 days.  It is imperative that the PPS process is completed in a timely manner for maintaining uninterrupted access and connectivity to all campus electronic systems.
  • To assist Enterprise Directory Administrators with identifying current Emeritus/a faculty within the Enterprise Directory that require a WOS PPS entry, a new report has been created. Enterprise Directory Administrators should please select "Enterprise Directory Emeritus/a Entries" from the Enterprise Directory, General Options, Reports menu. This report will list all Emeritus/a faculty that currently exist within the Enterprise Directory that require a PPS WOS entry.

Procedures for creating an Emeritus/a without salary appointment


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